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tv   Headline News  RT  June 17, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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coming up on r t world leaders of eight nations are meeting in northern ireland for the g. eight summit this week talks are likely to deal with some international eavesdropping and syria a report from the summit straight ahead the n.s.a. continues to face growing scrutiny over its surveillance programs lower edward snowden gains more supporters will take a deeper look into the n.s.a.'s watchful eye. and the bradley manning trial has now entered its third week while his future remains unclear the defense is demanding that court documents be made publicly available will bring you the latest later in tonight's show.
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it's monday june seventeenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm maggie lopez and you are watching r t well we begin tonight in syria and the international response in the civil war at the country is actually sparking off from around the world last week the obama administration announced it has enough evidence to conclude that president also has used chemical weapons numerous times against rebel forces the question now has shifted from whether the line has been crossed to what should be done about it republican lawmakers have been pushing for quite some time to have the u.s. get more involved despite the un's hesitations ideas like arming the rebels and installing no fly zones have all been tossed around however it seems the american public disagrees with at least one of those options a new pew poll out today shows that seventy percent of the public opposes arming the rebels and only twenty percent agree with it beyond that sixty eight percent of people say that the u.s. military is already too committed into. getting involved in syria and another sixty
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percent believe that the syrian opposition groups may be no better than the current government now one of the major criticisms against arming the rebels is the fear that whatever weapons the u.s. provides to them will be used to end seized by al-qaeda rebels and actually used against the u.s. and its allies in the future both russia and syria's president have warned the u.s. against action today president obama and vladimir putin said sounds just hours ago to discuss the ongoing conflict in syria both men expressed interest an interest in seeing the bloodshed in the country however they were unable to reach an agreement on how to achieve this peace now carefully picking his words president obama said the u.s. and russia quote have differing perspectives on the problem but we share an interest in reducing the violence meanwhile right after a surprising presidential election iran has announced that it will deploy four thousand revolutionary guards to syria in order to bolster security in damascus for
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the latest from the same battle country r.t. correspondent paula slayer reports iran just got that much closer amid reports that to read is sending some four thousand do we need revolutionary guards to hope to soon president bashar assad israelis living here in the golan heights are worried because now for the first time at least officially iran is on the border to renew won't war. with iranian warned see this. in to do it the other we make sure. this is an israeli bunker on the israeli syrian border less than a kilometer from here is that has been the scene of fierce fighting between assad's forces and rebel fighters with the american decision recently to arm the rebels one of the groups that will be most directly affected are israelis living here in the golan heights any increase in hostilities in the area will impact on their lives
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you know to bring jewish. understand virtue. you need to fight for your place in the last few minutes i've heard three explosions the united nations chief banking moon is warning that the ongoing military activities in this area have the potential to escalate tensions between israel and syria and jeopardize the longstanding peace treaty between both countries and this is one of the questions that is waiting to hear are asking if assad was to be overthrown would the forces that would play him interested in maintaining the cease fire the israelis unfortunately seeing. arms and weapons that they're going to be used against and as a threat from iran. in this board needs to be friendly
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so these functors have been here for years but for decades there's been a sense of tranquility and predictability now all of that in situ change with america's decision to arm the rebels. kind of a hard look i mean you know probably it's good for them it's good for america otherwise they wouldn't do it it's for the purpose of helping themselves and it's not about if it's good for israel or not there is fear we are afraid the rockets will hit us and it's already happening this is a site that attracts tourists but many fear it will soon attract soldiers and become active once again paula see on t.v. on the israeli syrian border. the situation in syria is no doubt a major area of discussion at the annual g. eight summit in northern ireland this week canada france germany italy japan russia the u.k. and the u.s. are all in attendance and syria isn't the only serious issue facing world leaders
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president obama has some explaining to do in the wake of the revelation of secret n.s.a. documents that detail the magnitude of the government surveillance programs the president is in the process of meeting with the leaders of some of the very countries the n.s.a. has been spying on his administration has said that the president plans to address the issue with the other world leaders though we don't know to what extent and britain is going to have to answer some questions regarding its own surveillance scandal this week the guardian newspaper reported that british intelligence agencies were tracking foreign politicians communications at the g twenty summit back in two thousand and nine for the latest from northern ireland artie's polyploid reports. this really is the worst possible timing for a story like this to come out where just kicking off the g eight summit here in la today now we know what we know from the documents that edward snowden has revealed
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is that the british security agency was spying on foreign dignitaries at the last g twenty summit that the u.k. also hosted back in two thousand and nine so not setting a great precedent as host of a summit we had even reports that they set up fake internet cafes in order to intercept the e-mails of the whole delegations of foreign dignitaries and even tapping into the phone calls of the then president of russia dmitry medvedev so not a great atmosphere for the start of the g eight summit i think that some of the world leaders at the summit here today might be a little bit more careful about what they say over the phone or write in the e-mails in the light of this information now we know that david cameron in response to the news has already said that the u.k. just doesn't comment on security issues or masses of intelligence the g c h q story has a somewhat overshadowed what had become the main headline of this summit which is
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the escalating crisis in syria and now we know that russia and the u.s. approach the crisis extremely differently now the british prime minister david cameron speaking yesterday off the talks with a lot of if we can in downing street called for bashar al assad to step down he said that britain will continue to provide support to the syrian opposition we know that russian president vladimir putin well he his view is somewhat different he questions what will happen one of these weapons are provided to the syrian opposition well there has been an unprecedented amount of security at the summit head just driving through from belfast to go. just going through all the checkpoints there's police standing everywhere and they're guarding all b.c. the security of all these foreign dignitaries the world leaders that are here but they're also trying to guard against any potential protests there's
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a massive fifty million pound ring of steel erected around the resort itself where the summit is taking place and of the protests will there of already been a number of them we've had misty international marching through belfast. calling for the closure of guantanamo bay talking about the hunger strike that's been taking place there the breach of international law for the inmates being held without charge for years on end and it's not just since human rights causes we've there's been a lot of anti globalist there have been trade unions taking to the streets to combat economic issues the g. eight summit was that it did come about initially as an as an it economic summit and people talking about world hunger and poverty and questioning why world leaders on to addressing these issues for them really that this represents this summit represents the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of
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a very small minority that was artie's poly boyko. and while the u.k. film the process of explaining its surveillance scandal that happened back in two thousand and nine president obama is in a political dance with the n.s.a. leaks but if this was a ballet of words we are only in the first to act over the weekend we learned even more about this program the intended targets and the scope of its reach the n.s.a. handed out a three page letter to lawmakers detailing dozens of terror plots the n.s.a. claims to have foiled in twenty countries as a result of this program we also learned about other surveillance methods known as mainway marina and nucleon and that's all not all. all day today n.s.a. leaker edward snowden was live chatting with people answering their questions on the guardian's web site he's providing even more insight into the program many americans never knew existed until very recently political commentator sam sacks
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joined me earlier and i asked him if any new information came out during edward snowden's life chatting. well we a few new things we were told by snowden that there's going to be some more information coming out regarding just how direct of access intelligence agents have to the contents of american citizens phone calls or e-mails that's been kind of. a major question since these leaks came out snowden came out in said you know an analyst can just any analysts can just tap into someone's e-mail or phone call and listen in that's been disputed by the n.s.a. by the d.n.i. and. you know snowden is coming out today saying well we're going to get to the bottom of this and he still stands by his claims there snowden said he's not a chinese spy that's you know not surprising you would think he'd be making some money i believe the quote was if he was a chinese spy he'd be in beijing putting a phoenix or something right now something like that and he also said that the
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information he plans the more information he plans to release is somewhere in a safe place where even if something were to happen to him this information is still going to come out so let's go even further into what you just said about the types of access that low level mid-level and high level analysts have into our information now there are a lot of questions raised as to the type of access that these people have to listen to americans phone calls without a warrant more information came out about this about this this week and what we now know about these capabilities congressman jerrold nadler said something curious during the hearing last week he's since sort of walked back that statement saying that he was told during a classified briefing that agents without a warrant can listen to americans phone calls and that's been disputed in the line that the intelligence agencies are taking is that that would be illegal but we're learning that technically it is possible that technically analysts at the n.s.a. can plug in and listen to phone calls in read e-mails without
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a warrant yes it be illegal but you have to question whether the whole legal framework. is relevant at all considering the the verizon order that came out that gave the n.s.a. access to millions of americans metadata phone call metadata. that could be arguably illegal under the constitution but it is considered legal so we it's hard to take the n.s.a.'s claims that you know we have certain legal protections here those legal protections are under question as well it's very interesting the wording that they're using in a lot of these instances they're being very meticulously careful with the words that they're using i read an article saying that n.s.a. official said that they quote checks and just three hundred phone numbers last year against the database of millions of u.s. phone records and gathered but they didn't say anything about collecting i just said about checking so let's talk about this topic of congress. there was an intel very thing that happened on thursday i understand a lot of the people didn't show up do they does it show that they don't have interest in this kind of topic it sure seems like i mean there's
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a partisan consensus at least among the leadership in congress that there is no problem with what the administration is doing democrats who might have had or who had a problem with this sort of surveillance or the bush administration or silent now that they have a democrat in the white house republicans have been supportive of this sort of or surveillance the whole time so they aren't ready to back down in fact you know some of the most hard line neo cons like dick cheney in the like have praised president obama for this for this program so really there isn't a political agenda to attach this to which seems to be why only half of the members of congress are senator showed up at this briefing but i think there's something really interesting that they need to be determined and that is you had senators over the last few years like ron wyden tom udall and jeff merkley pressuring the director of national intelligence and the n.s.a. to provide information about how many americans are under surveillance by these agencies trying to introduce legislation to bring transparency to these programs and they were all pretty much rebuffed but the question is did they already know
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the answers to these questions did the senators already know the extent to which these programs were being used to surveil on americans and if so were they just asking these questions to get intelligence officials on the public record to admit to what the senators already knew i think could perhaps a. the reason why only forty seven of the one hundred senators out of order that's knowing now apple facebook google and some of the other tech companies have released more information dealing with what exactly they have handed over to the government what do we learn from that aspect of this of this case but apple said several thousand they received several thousand requests from the government last year the. to hand over personal data they obliged with about seventy nine percent i think was the number facebook around the same sort of numbers as as apple when details broke of prism and it was suggested that the n.s.a. just is plugged right into the servers of these tech companies there's like companies came out and said hey we don't know what prism is we're you know washing
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our hands clean of this well it's probably they just didn't know the lingo of prism you know that's what it's called in the n.s.a. that's a program top secret program that's not what they tell the tech companies when they're saying they're collecting the information so i think there's a lot of you know the tech companies are complicit in handing over data of their customers to the government the question is how much pressure are they under to do this if if say facebook said no we're not going to abide by this or if apple said no we're not going to hand over any of this data what sort of consequences really are there are there is the c.e.o. going to be thrown into prison is the company going to be shutdown i doubt any of that would happen and i doubt that the n.s.a. would want to go into a real public feud with these tech companies about handing over this sort of personal data and we have to start i'm out of time left sam but what does it take to keep a massive surveillance program like this running it takes a lot and you know over the weekend the washington post kind of published an article showing that not just is there prism but we have nuclear on and we have marina and we have main way there's all these major programs prism is by far
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provides the most intelligence for the president but it takes you know there's about five million people now with security clearance and that's going to be a problem moving forward when now that the secrets of started to come out others are feeling more and told to tell secrets too so it's going to be a matter of not just how bassed the surveillance system is butt. which which countries in which governments can keep their secrets safe with as with all the security clearances out there and more importantly how americans themselves can keep their secrets safe maybe it's a matter of keeping the records of our own and keeping every single skype every single text message every single email that we've ever sent and corruption in software is going to be very popular movie and corporate political commentator sounds axons for joining us as. well still ahead here on our team today in the bradley manning trial his lawyers are making a demand for greater transparency they feel that classified court documents should be made available to the public an update on this case when we return.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speak their bit and that's why you can run by feel larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details such as text and misinformation and media hype keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream have
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stated it's been your right. here's mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that the americans call. the guy here's what. you know what i. want to feature is the only liberal approach. to the sort of. religious liberty to distract us from what you and i should care about because there are profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage because that breaking news i'm out to martin and we're going to break this that.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew or you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. welcome back week three of the bradley manning trial kicked off today with testimony focusing on certain documents related to the guantanamo bay detention facility in particular the threat levels of the individual detainees there were in question manning admitted to releasing the get mole files his statement says that the reason the army private first class released these specific documents was because they are proof that the u.s.
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was knowingly holding numerous innocent people are to correspondent liz wahl was in the courtroom in fort meade listening to testimony today and she broke down today's trial for us. well today marks the beginning of the third week of bradley manning's court martial and here in fort meade maryland today we heard testimony from witnesses describing guantanamo bay detainee assessments that manning admitted to leaking to the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks among today's witnesses a senior counterterrorism analyst that worked on guantanamo bay and army intelligence officers now they describe these detainee assessments now these are essentially profiles of the guantanamo guantanamo bay detainees. information and these assessments include everything from up there background health conditions affiliation with terrorist organizations and details of how these detainees were captured those that testified today described the documents as classified and that leaving them good poses a danger to national security we had
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a rear admiral give us a specific example david was said information revealed intelligence sources now still to come in this trial are testimony regarding the over two hundred fifty thousand cables manning allegedly stole from a state department database a spokes person a military spokesperson today told us that we will hear from a state department witness that with unclear when exactly that is going to happen going on to our third week of this court martial we've heard from over forty of the one hundred forty witnesses we are told slated to testify many faces twenty one charges the most serious of which is aiding the enemy but the prosecution is intent on going after him for the most serious charge this charge of aiding the enemy and they're trying to prove that manning leaked this information as part of a conspiracy to wiki leaks the defense has been chipping away at this accusation
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here in maryland those walls are too and you can talk about bradley manning without mentioning his. british counterpart wiki leaks co-founder julian a son this week was the is the one year anniversary of assad being holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in the u.k. ecuadorian foreign affairs minister ricardo patino met with his british counterpart today for a forty five minute discussion on how to end this diplomatic deadlock however to no avail a songe fled to the embassy in order to avoid extradition to sweden for questioning over allegations of sexual misconduct the wiki leaks co-founder and his supporters fear that if he were sent to sweden he risks being handed over to the u.s. and tried for espionage but also met with a songe in the embassy yesterday to discuss the ongoing political standoff during that meeting ecuador reiterated its promise of political asylum to him but for his
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part julian assange says he will remain in the embassy as long as it takes for the swedish government to back down and by the looks of things that could be a very long time while we've seen arizona make one push after another over the years to crack down on illegal immigrants living in the state but it looks like the supreme court has other plans in a seven to two vote the supreme court ruled today to strike down a law that requires people registering to vote in federal elections to show proof of their american citizenship the court said this two thousand and four prison provision of the state law better known as proposition two hundred is overruled by the one thousand nine hundred three national voter registration act now the issue of voter fraud was a major topic of debate in the two thousand and twelve election and estimated two twenty three point seven million americans do not have government issued i.d.'s that's according to the brennan center the problem is that most of those people
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ninety percent of them in fact are not illegal many are senior citizens african-americans youths and hispanics in arizona alone opponents of opposition. proposition two hundred say they've counted more than thirty one thousand potentially legal voters in arizona who easily could have registered before proposition two hundred but were not able to do so as a result of the ruling will also affect three other states georgia alabama and kansas as well as twelve other states that are currently contemplating some miller legislations. while the u.s. loves to be number one and in fact we do come in first place in a lot of categories perhaps one of the categories the land of the brave does not want to be own up to and be first it is the use of prescription medications collectively americans will spend some two hundred eighty billion dollars on prescription drugs in two thousand and thirteen and when that medicine the leaves our bodies where do you think it ends up well that's
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a question you might not want to hear the answer to but as the proverb goes that truth will set you free it's time for a dose of some harsh reality from the residents laurie harvest. crazy fish. pigs that's all we have here in america right now is our corporations trying to make heaps of money by feeding us with genetically modified foods and taming us with antidepressants let's start with the crazy fish shall we in the u.s. about two hundred and fifty million anti-depressant prescriptions are sold every
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year that's almost one is a depressant for every american man woman and child and when we excrete we excrete those meds. it into our waterways studies have consistently found christe scription drugs in our drinking water in two thousand and eight scientists sampled seventy four waterways to used for drinking water in twenty five states and found fifty three of them had one or more of the three dozen pharmaceuticals they were testing for so a recent study shows that when fish swim in waters tainted with antidepressants they become anxious antisocial and sometimes even homicide. females produce fewer eggs and males go into absolute rages at higher doses changes to the brain can affect all kinds of things and fish and since humans have a similar brain gene structure the findings raise questions about whether traces of these drugs in our drinking water that are making our fish crazy might be harming
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us too in other words we're all on the inside of presidents and on top of bad we're all drinking a bunch of other meds that might be making us crazy as for the pigs a recent study found that pigs fed a combination of genetically modified soy and corn suffered war frequent the viers stomach inflammation and enlargement of the uterus then those that eight and nine g.m.o. diet not only is that important because we eat the pigs that eat the g.m. both but also because we humans share similar digestive systems so that g.m.o. corn and soy we eat in just about every could be messing up our energies to. in light of the fact that antidepressants in our drinking water can make fish crazy and the fact that dmoz in our food supply can cause stomach inflammation and other internal bad things we might want to rethink exactly what we're putting into our
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bodies here in the u.s. we also might want to question why is the bulk of our population on antidepressants in the first place that has anything to do with the fact that our corporations make the products so dangerous they make are crazy and are pigs sick and that our government not only allows this behavior but supports it so that alone could be enough to depress us all tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the residence. and that's going to do it for me for tonight but for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america and for the latest and greatest information coming out from around your world check out our websites are dot com slash usa and don't forget to follow me on twitter to leave your questions comments comments and
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story feedback meghan underscore lopez for now have a great night. download the official publication yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your celebration of justice and back now with your mobile device you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm parian boring broadcasting out of washington d.c. and here's the prime stories for today. the fed is getting it wrong that's the charge to level the.


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